AITB-Banner05 Leaves from the Tree. 1991

Leaves from the Tree. 1991


Leaves from the Tree: J.R.R. Tolkien's Shorter Fiction. The Proceedings of the 4th Tolkien Society Workshop.
Peter Roe Memorial Booklet No. 2.
Shippey, et al.
1st Edition 1991.
The Tolkien Society.
ISBN 0905520033.
Booklet with card covers.
Hammond p.387.

Includes a paper ("Dragons from Andrew Lang's Retelling of Sigurd to Tolkien's Chrysophylax" by Christina Scull) that reproduces an extract from Tolkien's unpublished lecture on dragons.

Two impressions issued?  The 1st Impression had a yellow-green coloured cover, while the later unidentified reprint (shown opposite) was issued in a yellow card cover.