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Publishing The Lord of the Rings

The First Deluxe Edition

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The Fellowship of the Ring.
The Two Towers.
The Return of the King.

J.R.R. Tolkien.
First Deluxe Edition 1964.
George Allen & Unwin.
Hardbacks in slipcase.
22.8cm x 14.5 cm.
Hammond Page Ref: p.98.

The maps are inserted on fold-out sheets at the rear of each volume.

Published: December 1964.
Price: 6.6s.0d.

A set of 1963 impressions of the sheets of the standard trade edition, bound in black buckram, and issued in a Pauline Baynes illustrated slipcase.

1,000 sets of books were bound in November 1964.

1,000 slipcases were produced in November or early December 1964 and 500 sets were boxed immediately. Another 500 were boxed in October[?] 1965.

50 replacement slipcases were made in January 1967, due to some of the sets of books being too large for the slipcases.

The Books
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