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Tolkien Calendar 2000
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Tolkien Calendar 2000
Tolkien Calendar 2000
ISBN 0261103849.
Issued shrink-wrapped.

Illustrations by Ted Nasmith:

Cover - The Slaying of Glaurung
January - Beleg is Slain
February - Finduilas is Led Past Túrin at the Sack of Nargothrond
March - Tuor, Gelmir and Arminas
April - Beren and Lúthien are Flown to Safety
May - Maglor Casts a Silmaril
June - Fingon and Gothmog
Centrefold - Eärendil Searches Tirion
July - Ulmo Appears Before Tuor
August - At Lake Cuiviénen
September - Illuin, Lamp of the Valar
October - The Incomimg Sea at the Rainbow Cleft
November - Lúthien Escapes the Treehouse
December - The Slaying of Glaurung

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