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1910-1937 - The Early Years

1937 - The Hobbit

1938-1953 - The Middle Years

1954-1955 - The Lord of the Rings

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1974-1990 - After Tolkien Part 1

1991 Onwards - After Tolkien Part 2

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Notes and cuttings in Tolkien's papers suggest two additional publications that should be listed in the bibliography.

The Abingdon Chronicle
Little is known about this periodical because copies have not been located - even the name may be incorrect.  It is thought to date from the 1920s or early 1930s and to contain (at least) an early version of the poem Shadow-Bride.

Inter-University Magazine
The other publication is thought to date from the mid- to late-1920s and was published by the Federation of University Catholic Societies.  Two different issues of the magazine are thought to contain the poems The Grey Bridge of Tavrobel and Tinfang Warble.

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The Abingdon Chronicle. 1920s?. Newspaper?
The Abingdon Chronicle. 1920s?
Inter-University Magazine. 1927?. Magazine.
Inter-University Magazine. 1927?
Inter-University Magazine. 1920s. Magazine.
Inter-University Magazine. 1920s


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