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The First Boxed Edition
Second State - 1958-59
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Publishing The Lord of the Rings

The First Boxed Edition

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The Lord of the Rings.
J.R.R. Tolkien.
1st Edition, 7th/5th/4th Impressions 1957/57/58.
George Allen & Unwin.
Hardbacks in slipcase.
Hammond Page Ref: p.98.

The maps are inserted on fold-out sheets at the rear of each volume.

Second state of the slipcase.

Available 1958 to 1959.
Price 63s.

500 sets produced.

Boxed in three batches:

150 in November 1958
250 in February 1959
100 in August 1959

Slipcases manufactured by Jarrold & Sons.

Covered with grey textured paper.
Price printed on label.
Three piece construction.
No staples.
Uses thicker board than first state.

Includes various impressions 1957-59:

FR - 7th or 8th Impressions
TT - 5th or 6th Impressions
RK - 4th or 5th Impressions

One set has been seen containing a 3rd Impression of RK along with a 7th Impression of FR and a 5th Impression of TT.

Second State - 1958-59
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