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Selections from the Marquette J.R.R. Tolkien Collection. 1987
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1938-1953 - The Middle Years


Farmer Giles of Ham


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Selections from the Marquette J.R.R. Tolkien Collection. 1987
Selections from the Marquette J.R.R. Tolkien Collection
Edited by Taum Santoski
1st Edition 1987
Marquette University
ISBN: None
Exhibition catalogue
Not illustrated
Hammond Page Ref.: None

Includes a sentence that was removed from the typescript of Farmer Giles of Ham prior to typesetting.

Also includes three essays: ‘Mr Bliss: Notes on the Manuscript and Story’ by Jared C. Lobdell, ‘The Boundaries of the Little Kingdom’ by Taum Santoski, and ‘A Tale that Grew in the Telling’ by Verlyn Flieger.

Two states seen - presumably the booklet was reprinted:

A) Unpaginated except for pages iv and 1.
B) First two pages unpaginated. Subsequent pages numbered 1-25.

The card cover on State A is slightly more grey-green than that on State B (pictured opposite). Considering the slightly unfinished condition of the text, State A may be the earlier of the two.

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